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Ensure neighborhood outdoor cats and your strays are spayed or neutered so they will not reproduce.  No need for "oops" these days!

If you're awesome and are caring for community cats:

     ...distribute the correct amount of food for the number of felines in your care

     ...keep the feeding areas clean

     ...and learn to trap to ensure the cats you feed are sterilized!


Help feed cats in a managed colony

Assist a CatFriends' volunteer in trapping

Become a leader in trapping!

Help at a spay/neuter clinic!

Distribute TNRM information to people in your neighborhood

Take photos of community cats for CatFriends' website, Facebook,      Instagram and brochures.

Keep the aloha moving forward with your donations!  We operate solely through the funds, time and generosity of volunteers and concerned citizens, so...

 100 percent of your donations provide the best possible care for the animals!

CatFriends pays $30 for each sterilization surgery. 

Your donations help us CONTINUE to offer free community cat sterilizations to colony caregivers, who do so much for so many!


Monetary Donations

Whether this is a one-time gift or a recurring donation at a frequency that makes supporting our compassionate work convenient for you, your gift saves lives.  And we thank you most sincerely!


Online convenience through the Paypal Giving Fund:                                                                                                       

Or mail to:


PO Box 240052

Honolulu, HI 96824-0052

Sponsor a Spay+Neuter Clinic (email for more information).




Supplies~Trapping and Colony Care

          Cat Food (wet+dry)

Supplies~Spay+Neuter Clinic

          Clorox Bleach

          Paper Towels

          Trash Bags (55 gal & 13 gal)

          LED Flashlights & Batteries

          Gas Gift Cards




Supplies can be dropped off from 10a to 2p on clinic days

We can also make arrangements to meet you at a different time and location.  Please call (808) 226-4561 to make an appointment...and thank you so very much!


All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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