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Please read BEFORE registering

5,000+ Cats fixed in 2019

3,154 Cats fixed in 2020

3,308 Cats fixed in 2021

2,377 Cats fixed in 2022

3,682 Cats fixed in 2023



Saturday, October 21

Clinic Full

No walk-ins

Sunday, October 22

Clinic Full

No walk-ins

Saturday, October 28

Register Here

No walk-ins

Sunday, October 29

Register Here

No walk-ins

Please call us if you want to register more than 5 cats to fix at

(808) 226-4561

There is no charge, however monetary 

donations are greatly appreciated to continue our spay/neuter efforts.


Call or email, in advance, if you have a special circumstance and need assistance/advice (before trapping)

DO NOT use the online registration 48 hours prior to a clinic date, even if the registration states it is still open.  CALL (808) 226-4561 to ensure space is available.



Please review the Clinical Policies for Surgical Services.


Review and select from one of our upcoming clinic dates listed on the side bar.   Online registration is recommended as it enables us to send you pre-operative information, check-in time and other pertinent information to which you may refer at any time.  Carefully select the desired date for the Kunia clinic.

Once you have registered, you will receive specific directions to the clinic which is located in North Kunia Village.

We encourage you to complete the required CatFriends Clinic Forms* ahead of time to expedite the check-in process.  If you do not have access to a printer, we will have blank forms available during check-in.  We DO NOT accept forms sent by email.  (*fillable when using Adobe Reader) 

Surgical Release Form (1 EACH YEAR)

Download, fill out, and print

Feline Fix Certificate (1 PER CAT)

 Download, fill out, and print page 1



Community cats must arrive in a HUMANE ANIMAL TRAP that is in good working order.  

Cats in carriers, makeshift containers, cardboard boxes, trash bins, "transport" cages, crates, mongoose traps etc. will NOT be accepted.   If you have ANY questions about the appropriateness of your trap, please email us a photo or call (808) 226-4561.

Samples of humane animal traps and unacceptable carriers.

We have traps available for you to borrow through our Trap Loan ProgramPlease plan ahead because our volunteers have full-time jobs and may not be able to provide last-minute trap loans.  Traps are loaned on a first come first served basis.  When you borrow a trap from CatFriends, we will show you how to prep, set, and bait the trap if you have never used one before.   Setting a Humane Trap.


If you happen to have two cats in a single trap, do NOT attempt to transfer one cat into another trap if you are not experienced with handling feral cats.  They may be brought in a single trap if they do not pose a danger to each other.  You are, however, still required to provide ONE trap for EACH cat.   This is required so the felines have adequate room to recover from surgery.



Because Persian/Persian-mix cats need extra special care during surgery, we are not able to accept these cats at our clinics.

If you have specific questions about our clinics, email or call us at (808) 226-4561.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide services to any cat, caretaker, or pet owner for any reason.

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