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  • How does CatFriends operate?
    CatFriends operates as an ALL volunteer organization (most of us work regular jobs during the day and trap in the evenings). Our typical mode of operation includes training colony caretakers in humane animal trapping, and, with the caretaker's assistance, conducting mass trappings in an effort to sterilize the majority of the cats under their supervision. Once the bulk of the cats have been sterilized, the caretaker must complete the process by trapping and altering the few remaining felines.
  • How long have you been saving cats and helping the community?
    CatFriends started in 1999 with a group of people interested in trying to humanely decrease the numbers of abandoned and feral cats on O'ahu. In 2002 we became a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
  • How are the donation monies spent?
    Because we operate as an all-volunteer organization, 100 percent of donations to CatFriends are applied towards the costs of humane traps and bait, feline transportation to and from the trapping location, fees associated with microchipping/sterilization, and medical attention felines may require to bring them back to health.
  • Wouldn't it be easier just to euthanize all the community cats instead?
    Killing animals simply because they exist is the antithesis of compassion. And, euthanizing community cats creates what is known as the vacuum effect. "Feral cats establish territories based on availability of food sources and shelter. When the cats are removed from this environment, more cats quickly move in to take advantage of those resources. These new unsterilized cats will breed prolifically. The vacuum effect has been documented around the world." [Alley Cat Allies: "Get Informed: Discover the Truth About the Vacuum Effect"]
  • How many cats have you sterilized?
    Our stats! Year: # of cats 2018: 3550 2017: 4228 2016: 3241 2015: 3761 2014: 3849 2013: 3268 2012: 3181 2011: 3102 2010: 2469 2009: 2103 Record keeping began in 2009.
  • I found a community cat. What can I do?
    Visit our TNMR page for more information, or contact CatFriends at 808-226-4561. If you are willing to care for the cat, please be sure to get him/her sterilized. We can loan you a humane animal trap and/or assist you with sterilization.
  • My cat is lost! What do I do?
    Visit our page for tips on how to find your baby.
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