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TRAP, NEUTER, RETURN and MANAGE (TNRM) ends the contribution of unwanted litters by sterilizing free-roaming cats and returning them to where they were trapped.  They remain under the care and supervision of a caretaker who, in addition to providing food, water and shelter, keeps records, monitors health, and identifies and sterilizes any animals new to the colony.


                                     Spay+Neuter Clinics



We offer assistance and education to residential, business, government, and military communities in responsible and humane cat caretaking.

CatFriends provides TNRM training and encourages spay/neuter of all pets, as well as a lifelong commitment to them.  The latter with the intent to significantly reduce the primary source of community cats, who are most often abandoned by transient families, along with lost unsterilized felines whose progeny are born into a feral life.

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your community in TNRM or other feline-related education.

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