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CatFriends | Volunteers Needed to Reach Our 5000-Cat Goal! | O'ahu, Hawai'i

Today, October 16, 2019, is National Feral Cat Day. Yep, it's real. This year Cat Friends set a goal to spay+neuter 5000 of these feral (community) cats on this island. We are 817 cats away from achieving that goal.

I want to share something with you, we track how many of the cats are males and how many of the cats are females. Every year, the ratios are the same. Half of those cats are male and half of those cats are female, give or take a few.

If we achieve that goal of 5000, that means there are 2500 fewer female cats reproducing. If each one of those female cats were to give birth to 5 kittens, at the very least, then we have PREVENTED THE BIRTH of 12,500 more homeless kitties.

I am urging all of you to pick up your traps, borrow a trap or volunteer to help out a trapper. Please register for a clinic or two and/or to volunteer. We have two clinics scheduled this weekend. Saturday is for mass trappers (5 or more cats) and Sunday is for the general public. us reach that goal of 5000 cats spayed or neutered.

Photo used with permission from: Thuis Studios




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