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CatFriends | Volunteer at a Spay+Neuter Clinic! | O'ahu, Hawai'i

We couldn't do what we do without volunteers! While there are more ways to help our island's cats and community, this post is about what you can do to make our spay+neuter clinics successful!

Shifts are: 7a-11a, 10a-2p, and 2p-end. But if you can give us just a couple of hours we'd be so grateful!

Ways you can help: ~Help check in cats, number traps and put them in line for surgery ~Clean traps and line them with fresh paper ~Groom sedated cats ~Monitor cats waking up (very important!) ~Assist with paperwork ~Assist with the discharge of cats ~Laundry ~Cleaning/organizing

P.S. We'd also love help with trapping and transporting felines!

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