These sweet felines are missing.  Have you seen them?  If you have information that could bring any of them home, please use the contact information provided in their images.  Mahalo!  

If your cat is lost, please follow the link for information and to submit a lost ad on our site.


 Your Cat is Lost

Name:  Dusty

Desc:  Black 2-year old with missing right eye

Ears are NOT notched

Sex:  Male (neutered)
Microchip:  yes

Collar/tags:  yes (was wearing red collar with tag)

Last seen:  July 2, 2019
Last location:  Kipou Place

(2 blocks away from Kunia Road)

Please contact:  Verna Kong, 808.677.8729, verna.kong@yahoo.com

Name:  Huahua

Desc:  Brown tabby, white paws+chest, long tail

Sex:  Female (spayed)
Microchip:  yes, 031350602

Collar/tags:  no

Last seen:  13 August 2019
Last location:  Royal Kunia, 94-1002 Makakoa Lp

Please contact:  Xi Song, 808-227-5862, songxi1002@gmail.com

1 Sep 19

Name:  Dio

Desc:  2-yr old orange tabby.  Very fluffy tail.

Sex:  Male (neutered)
Microchip:  yes

Collar/tags:  no

Last seen:  18 October 2019
Last location:  67-243 Kaliuna St, Waialua, North Shore (Waialua - Kukea Circle, Waialua area)

Please contact:  Laura Purdy, 808.375.6671, lpurdy@gmail.com

1 Nov 19

Name:  Lilac

Desc:  Adult ginger.  Right ear notched

Sex:  Female (spayed)
Microchip:  yes

Collar/tags:  no

Last seen:  4 October 2019
Last location:  Lanikai - First Hill - A'alapapa Pl

Please contact:  808.220.7725

10 Oct 19

Name:  Scooter

Desc:  Adult (3.5yrs).  Black+White.  Pink nose

Sex:  Male (neutered)
Microchip:  yes

Collar/tags:  no

Last seen:  16 October 2019 in the company of a stray cat
Last location:  941369 Kulewa Lp 14T,

Waipahu, HI 96797

Please contact:  Joan Ogata, 808.388.1079, joan.ogata@yahoo.com

1 Nov 19


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