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Our Mission:

To humanely decrease the abandoned and feral cat population through widely-accepted Trap, Neuter, Return, and Manage (TNRM) methodology. This approach returns neutered cats to where they were trapped under human caretaker supervision and care while ensuring they are not producing unwanted litters.

CatFriends will assist and educate residential, business, government, and military communities in responsible and humane cat caretaking.

We also promote adoption and foster care.

Adopt a Kitty

Kitten season is in full swing bringing lots of orphans. There are many cats who need caring homes!

Why Foster Care is Necessary

Along with nutritional care, foster families provide loving interaction necessary to prepare kittens for a life alongside humans.

The foster care period naturally depends on the size and condition of the kittens.

Most fosterlings are eligible for sterilization and adoption after about 4 weeks of care. Some, however, can take as long as 8 weeks before they reach the appropriate weight, health, and temperament.

Fostering a kitten is a very important decision. You will be an integral force in shaping the cat's future. Much of its personality and temperament will be decided by the care you provide. more...

Foster Homes Needed

We have several cats needing a foster home for 2-4 weeks. more...

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