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CatFriends, a local 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to humanely addressing the cat population issue through early spay/neuter efforts, is organizing low-cost spay & neuter clinics for Oahu cats in conjunction with The Neuter Scooter Mobile Clinic. Please go to to learn more.

Dates: June 7, June 8 and June 14, 2008 (Saturdays and Sunday)
Check-in Time: 9:00 a.m.
Location: University of Hawaii at Manoa

The cost to NEUTER AND VACCINATE a pet cat is $40 (male or female) when registration and payment is done ahead of time at The cost increases to $50 if payment is made the day of the clinic (you still need to register ahead of time on-line). Cats will be discharged on the same day of surgery to recover at home.
Feral cats will be neutered and ear notched for $20/cat (this does not include vaccinations). Cats must be brought in a humane trap and will be evaluated at check-in. If it is determined that your cat is not a feral cat, you will be charged full price ($50). Please go to and click on feral cats to see the difference between a stray cat vs. feral cat.
Microchips will be available for an additional $5. This is OPTIONAL for pet cats (but highly recommended!) and REQUIRED for feral cats (in order to have the cat be in compliance with city laws). Therefore, the total cost to have a feral cat participate in these clinics is $25.
Please go to to register and review the parameters of the clinics and FAQ page.
If you have additional questions, please call CatFriends at 226-4561.

Interested in volunteering with CatFriends?

Contact Us:

  P.O. Box 240052
  Honolulu, HI 96824-0052

 Phone: (808) 226-4561

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