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CatFriends Humane Trap Loan Program

Community cat caregivers may borrow humane animal traps from us to use to capture their colony cats for an upcoming CatFriends spay/neuter clinic.

Please READ BELOW BEFORE completing the form.

  • Traps are loaned ONLY to those who have registered (we will check) for one of our clinics. We do NOT loan traps for any other purpose.
  • Complete the request for trap loan and you will be contacted by phone or email to arrange a date/time for the pick up. Because we are all volunteers with full-time jobs, we are unable to accomodate last minute trap loan requests so please plan ahead. The best time to come pick up a trap is during an ongoing clinic but it is always best to submit a loan request first so that 1) we can check if we have traps available to loan, and 2) we will be prepared to assist you with the loan.
  • You must agree to the terms specified in the "Trap Use Agreement" form. Complete the Trap Use Agreement form, print it, then sign and bring this form with you when you come to pick up the trap(s).
  • A deposit of $100 PER TRAP (cash or check only) is required and will be collected when you pick up the trap(s). Because the traps are also used for recovery after surgery, we require ONE TRAP PER CAT. If you do end up with multiple cats in ONE trap, we can provide another loaner trap OR you can opt to bring in an extra (empty) pet carrier that we can transfer one of the the cats to while s/he is still sedated.
  • You will be given a return date when you pick up the trap.
  • When the trap is returned by the date specified, your deposit will be refunded.

We cannot anticipate any or all scenarios that may occur while trapping and cover them all on one page. First and foremost, DO NOT RELEASE an unfixed cat once you have trapped the cat even if you end up with TWO OR MORE CATS IN ONE trap. We cannot stress this enough. Before you do anything, please try to call first UNLESS you have a situation where the cat's health or well-being is in danger. In an emergency situation, you will have to use your best judgement.

Leave a voicemail if you have to and wait for us to call back. Our volunteers may be out trapping and may not be able to answer you right away.

First time using a humane trap? Watch a video by Best Friends Animal Society on how to use a humane trap.

The above video is slightly different than how we normally prepare the trap - we use newspaper to line the traps - but is very informative, nonetheless. If you are an inexperienced trapper, we can go over the instructions on how to use the trap when you come to pick up.

If you still have questions about trap loans or wish to inquire about other types of traps or nets, contact us via email or call us at 226-4561.

The Hawaiian Humane Society also has traps available for loan or purchase. Please click here for more information.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide services to any cat, caretaker, or pet owner for any reason.


To request a trap loan for 2017 clinics, please use the form below:

2017 Trap Loan Form


To download the agreement form click here.


Need to register for a spay/neuter clinic? Click here.


Directions to our clinic.

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